Where will you start?

building or rather re-building your wardrobe is not the short distance race I tend to treat it as. After a bout of buyer’s remorse–left still wanting more (to go with this shirt or for a second option with that dress)–I have to give myself the “from now on, one treat a paycheck” lecture or “one splurge a …

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after delighting in some Maplewood pizza at Pi Pizzeria’s downtown location, you might want to pay a visit to the bewitching retail co-op next door the next time you’re in town. Inside Collective, founded in 2011 by fashionista Nicole Benoist, is about “40 mini-stores”–the best St. Louis has to offer in one-of-a-kind apparel, jewelry, and …

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so here’s how it happened: I came into some money–not here’s-a-hundy-pay-your-bills money but here’s-a-hundy-buy-yourself-something-nice money. I had my eyes on a shirt and a pair of shoes from Ann Taylor. And then… the most insane Ann Taylor promotion changed everything.