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I got to pursue my Master’s Degree in an industry I’m very passionate about: Publishing and Writing! In my two years in the Emerson College Publishing and Writing Program I learned about the tripod the industry stands on: Magazine, Book, and Electronic Publishing. I learned the ins and outs: how magazines make their money, how to write an eye-grabbing proposal, how to build an e-book, how to build a cascading style sheet (CSS). And then I got to copy and paste many of these skills into my work with book publishers, web, and a literary agency. I learned how to take these seemingly unrelated skills and make them relevant in everything publishing I did.

Let me help you! Here are some of the freelance services I can offer you (from minor to major).


So your copy is just about ready to go but it needs one last close look for spelling or grammar mistakes. I will comb through your proof thoroughly and make sure it’s ready for publication.


You have a paper, a manuscript, or even some website copy that could use some cleaning up. I can offer a light to heavy mechanical edit—grammar, sentence structure, and style issues—at a competitive rate. Longer length manuscripts includes style sheet.

Proposal Evaluation

You’re trying to get your memoir represented and you didn’t know that excessive use of the second person is not a good look. I can offer counsel on perfecting your proposal and get you closer to landing an agent. A Proposal Evaluation includes track changes and a critique. Don’t forget your sample chapter!

Areas of interest: Women’s Interests, Christianity, Faith (MEMOIR ONLY)

Manuscript Evaluation

You wrote the book but it’s falling on deaf ears. I can help you to identify the problem areas be it pacing, plot and character development, and organization. A manuscript evaluation includes comment balloons and an extensive editorial letter. A light to a medium copyedit and style sheet offered as extra services.

Areas of interest: Fiction, and memoir in Women’s Interests, Christianity, Faith


To see if we’re a good match, give me some details below!



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