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as I write this I’m curled up in my bed watching The Walking Dead, periodically peeking out the window to see how much snow has accumulated. Between Wednesday and today (Saturday… I wrote this Saturday) the weather has worked mightily to piss me off: unscheduled icy windshield 15 minutes before catching a train to work, …

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‘motolani mi!” my mom said in greeting on the phone. “My Motolani,” she translated; Motolani, my name. “Motolani. Do you know what that means?” she asked. I said I didn’t though I was sure she’d told me once before, I just forgot. “Write this down.” I grabbed a pen and a post-it note.

One of the most comforting things to hear mid conversation is “I saw your blog, it’s really cool.” These kind words usually come out of no where and remind me I’m not doing this blog thing in vain. tumblr_nbsgvws0tK1tstoreo1_500

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November 8, 2014

after delighting in some Maplewood pizza at Pi Pizzeria’s downtown location, you might want to pay a visit to the bewitching retail co-op next door the next time you’re in town. Inside Collective, founded in 2011 by fashionista Nicole Benoist, is about “40 mini-stores”–the best St. Louis has to offer in one-of-a-kind apparel, jewelry, and …

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i’ve caught glimpses of Lifetime’s new makeover show “Girlfriend Intervention” tailing recorded episodes of “Project Runway”. After hearing something about a black woman being inside every white woman and wanting to “bust out”(?!), I was relieved the DVR stopped recording at a 59 seconds.

not sure when or how but somewhere in the course of our history, women began to turn on pink. Now the stereotype goes, if you like pink you LOVE it—like hyperventilating ZOMG induced freak out over pink—and if you don’t like pink well you hate it with a hatred from the very depths of your …

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