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About ME

Welcome to Dresscapades! My name is Tolani. I’m a twenty-something from New York in spirited pursuit of a career in publishing! In the meantime, I’m using my Master’s degree in Publishing & Writing to blog, freelance edit and write, consult, and build e-books! I’m a lover of fashion and most things—most—women’s interests.

I started Dresscapades in 2010 when I got out of college and thought, Now what? I was still in a murky place, fashionably.  So I decided I would document the unearthing of my style. Then, I wasn’t quite sure what this word—dresscapades really meant. I intended for the first version of dresscapades to be a fashion only blog but as I found  my life was in “buffer mode,” fashion became this reminder of the things, the lifestyle and friends, I could only have through spectatorship.

My dresscapade is an archive of my hand-carved path to fashion, beauty, life and inspiration, and self-love.

So I had to reexamine my life and it hurt but eventually fashion became a means of my self-expression. Isn’t that everyone’s use of fashion? Not quite. You see I was trying to follow trends I couldn’t fit into. I thought this was the way to increase my value and likability. I felt enormously unseen (and even do today). The more I did this, try to be something I’m not, the further I was from feeling whole. Instead of denying my love for clothes, I soon enough happened on a style that was singular and mine.  Unlike most fashion bloggers, I won’t always blog from a place of expertise. My dresscapade is an archive of my hand-carved path to fashion, beauty, life and inspiration, and self-love.

Now that you know what my dresscapade is, what’s yours?

My Style


I describe my style as “Parisian Street Chic meets Soho Street Chic” with preppy influences and lots and lots of color and interesting patterns! I’m a guru on mixing prints and I love wearing sneakers with dresses. My closet must-have is a (or many) fit-and-flare dress, pockets required! My closet lust­-have? Mindy Lahiri and Taylor Swift’s entire wardrobe. Find out more about where I shop!

Editorial Perspective


I have a specific interest in remaking the women’s interest magazine scene. I write a lot about women my age who aren’t represented in mainstream magazines. These girls aren’t necessarily outliers but under-radar-ers. I call these girls “everygirls.” Neither hot nor cold, neither model built nor curvy; some, like me a hopelessly single, some are fashionable inept, some don’t want to be preached to about how to get a man or to get skinny. Everygirl, I write for you.

 My Credentials



BA English- GW 2010

MA Publishing and Writing –Emerson College 2014


Magazine Writing/Editing


Book editing

Manuscript Evaluation

E-Book Production


Want to work together? Learn more about the editorial and web services I can provide for you here!

Other Work


Inspiration & Self-Esteem

“Your Are Worthy of Blessings”; Thought Catalog.com, 2014

“Seminar in Aspiration: When Your Calling Backs You Into a Corner”; Dresscapades, 2012

“Getting Back to Your First Love”; Dresscapades, 2012

“When the Elephant in the Room is You”; BounceBack.com, 2012

Love & Relationships

“When It Comes to Relationships, Is Sex Really Required?”; BounceBack.com, 2012

“Coming to Terms With Your Single Status”; BounceBack.com, 2012


“Trends from the Red Carpet: Met Costume Gala”; Dresscapades, 2012 

“Spring Trends from Around the Blogosphere”; Dresscapades, 2012

“Stay on Your Toes with 5 Shoe Trends of 2012”; PatternRebellion.com, 2012

“Collar Me Beautiful!”; PatternRebellion.com, 2012

“Western Winter: Najavo Inspired Pieces”; PatternRebellion.com, 2011

“Houndstooth: Bigger and Badder for Fall 2011”; PatternRebellion.com, 2011

“Vroom!! Get Your Fall Going with These Biker Pieces”; PatternRebellion.com, 2011

More to come!


Got any questions? Ask away below

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