Where will you start?

it’s Monday which means a lot of different things for different people but for most of us it means UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. So I propose this: let’s take the focus off of helping ourselves through the Mondays today.

Last year, it hurt my bones for me to look at an empty inbox both text and email. But as my mother says if want something, give it. So I like to do my best now to check in with old pals and to my surprise my inbox overflows with texts from friends some of which I never have the chance to respond to (sorry!). And so I challenge you: Scour your address book and send an email to a friend, coworker, relative, or professor you haven’t spoken to in some time. Just say hello! Open up a line of communication for a rekindling, reconnection, or new network.

Could turn someone’s Monday around: theirs or yours!


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