Where will you start?

as I write this I’m curled up in my bed watching The Walking Dead, periodically peeking out the window to see how much snow has accumulated. Between Wednesday and today (Saturday… I wrote this Saturday) the weather has worked mightily to piss me off: unscheduled icy windshield 15 minutes before catching a train to work, …

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‘motolani mi!” my mom said in greeting on the phone. “My Motolani,” she translated; Motolani, my name. “Motolani. Do you know what that means?” she asked. I said I didn’t though I was sure she’d told me once before, I just forgot. “Write this down.” I grabbed a pen and a post-it note.

building or rather re-building your wardrobe is not the short distance race I tend to treat it as. After a bout of buyer’s remorse–left still wanting more (to go with this shirt or for a second option with that dress)–I have to give myself the “from now on, one treat a paycheck” lecture or “one splurge a …

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