Where will you start?

you may have noticed, the blog has been pretty quiet these passed two weeks or so. Well, some huge life changes have taken place and 2015 has thus far been a bit disorienting (in a very good way).

My career took a long awaited track change and the destination is now an attainable thing. I started a new job in NYC at a Big 6 Publisher and while exciting, it means that some things will go neglected for a little while. What falls into that category? Welp, clearly Dresscapades has taken a bit of a back seat. I now get up earlier and get home later! Saturdays have been reserved for Top Chef marathons, PJs, tea, and sleep until further notice!

On a serious note, I’ve never been more committed to Dresscapades. If there’s any better time to make something out of this dream it is now when I’m in a place of optimum growth in career and person. So rest assured Dresscapades will continue! This new job is a crucial part of the plan not a change in coarse.

So please oblige me while I take a couple more weeks to orient myself. What do you have to look forward to in February?

I’m thrilled about the future of Dresscapades and have so many ideas that need an outlet! Stay close, you’ll see.


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