Where will you start?

welp, Christmas is almost upon us which means you’re probably feeling the pressure of shopping for family and friends. So that I don’t lose sight of CHRISTmas in midst of the consumerist culture that has increasingly surrounded the holidays, I like put a lot of thought and love into the few gifts I purchase for my family and friends.

One important attribute, I believe, of a meaningful gift is one of limited availability; an item so unique and exclusive and practically tailor-made for the recipient. This year I came across a lot of cool things, some of which I bought and some of which I pined over from afar. Dubbed the giver of meaningful gifts among family and friends, I’ve come up with a list of my 5 favorite things of 2014 and guess what? At less than $100, none break bank!

1. Willow & Shea Wooden Sign – $86

I first learned about Willow & Shea at this shnazzy little retail co-op in St. Louis called the Collective. Back in September I fell in love with this large piece hanging on the wall that simply read “Know thyself.”  Well, the Collective has since closed down but it’s vendors live on! Willow & Shea is the perfect place for decor and knick-knackery that’s handcrafted, unique, and adds je ne sais quoi quality to your living space. DSC_0038The “Know Thyself” piece is now in the arms of some lucky customer with great taste but there’s brilliant art available on the W&S site. Crafted with TLC by Face to Face Designs professing a powerful message, this hand-painted wooden sign would make the perfect gift for a couple or roommates or perhaps a friend who’s out on their own.
The sign may not be grand in size but the words are inspiring: “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” Think about that this Christmas.


“when you love everything you have, you have everything you need”


Buy the Willow & Shea Wooden Sign

2. Everlane Twill Snap Backpack in Reverse Denim – $65

If you don’t know already know, Everlane founded in 2010 by then 25 year-old Michael Preysman–now there’s some inspiration for your aspiration–has already made for itself a reputation for providing simple and quality pieces and for their “radical transparency”(squeaky clean business practices, and financial openness). So all of 2014, I rocked the Everlane Twill Zip Tote in Reverse Denim and it complemented everything I wore and won me many, many compliments. Naturally, any friend or family member, guy or gal, will love the Twill Snap Backpack in Reverse Denim with brown leather detail. I love the backpack mainly because it’s like a grown-up backpack in lieu of the boring and outdated briefcase. Perfect for the young professional, this is the kind of piece that won’t clash with a suit and would look great with cozy-comfy, monochromatic travel wear.


Buy the Everlane Twill Snap Backpack in Reverse Denim

3. ASOS Oversized Scarf – $34.11

2014 was the year of the oversized scarf and the trend won’t soon die in 2015. As soon as I saw the oversized scarf from ASOS I wanted it immediately but despite the variety of checkered and plaid blanket scarves on the ASOS website, these scarves are pretty elusive (in fact the one I had my eye on sold out in the middle of me writing this post!). Due to popularity, I’m sure, however, they’ll be back. What I love the most about these scarves is that like the Everlane backpack it’ll look great on guys and girls.

askdjsakfbjaccksfa  sbkasf oversized1-2oversized scarf1

 Buy the ASOS Oversized Scarf 1, 2, 3, 4

4. Tiny Twinklings String Lights- $21.99 $14.99

These copper wire string lights from ModCloth are quintessence of the word darling. I fantasized about wrapping these around a circular wall shelving unit like this one or putting them in a mason jar. Wherever you want these in your space, you won’t have to worry about messy wires because they’re battery operated. This will make the perfect stocking stuffer or you can deck the halls with it… this Christmas, New Year’s and all of 2015. (Psst. It’s now 30% off)
Tiny Twinklings String Lights

Buy the Tiny Twinklings String Lights

5. Paris Coloring Book – $7.95

I had an itch to bring back a beloved childhood activity and came across this coloring book. And even though the Paris Coloring Book is in the kids section of Ammo Books the pictures are gorgeous enough for an adult to enjoy as well. Throw in these cool Tri-Tone Color Pencils from Anthropologie to complete the gift set to friend or co-worker. At such a low price… you might as well get one for yourself too.

paris coloring

paris1Buy the Paris Coloring Book

All of these items are available online so if you want to get them for your loved ones you better get going!


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