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december is coming and with it the promise of new fashion, recipes, and fun and inspiring articles! But you gotta stay plugged in to keep up! Here’s where you can stay abreast of the cool new things happening on Dresscapades this December through 2015! Like Dresscapades on Facebook for great reads, hilarious and inspiring photos, …

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it’s Thursday! And if you’re a Serial zealot, that’s exciting news for you. Since I saw Serial editorial advisor Ira Glass on Jimmy Fallon, its appeal has been contagious. I told my sister, who told her husband and friends and so on and so forth. Now we have round the clock discussions about Adnan’s possible …

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One of the most comforting things to hear mid conversation is “I saw your blog, it’s really cool.” These kind words usually come out of no where and remind me I’m not doing this blog thing in vain. tumblr_nbsgvws0tK1tstoreo1_500

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November 8, 2014

november is my favorite autumn month. But this time last year I was in Boston, polar vortex imminent, living in a shabby apartment, missing family and friends; I needed some comfort food fast and Ben & Jerry’s was no longer cutting it. I decided to spend a Saturday to make some good ole’ chili. Not only …

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