Where will you start?

so here’s how it happened: I came into some money–not here’s-a-hundy-pay-your-bills money but here’s-a-hundy-buy-yourself-something-nice money. I had my eyes on a shirt and a pair of shoes from Ann Taylor. And then… the most insane Ann Taylor promotion changed everything.

You know how it happens: You have your heart set on one thing and then somehow, when you figure you’re more financially equipped to get that extra thing, you’re browsing for a skirt to go with blouse and earrings to complete the look . Well, I was on Ann Taylor‘s site–a c-note in hand–looking for the best to make the money go far. Side bar: if it’s is your first time shopping at Ann Taylor or any other online retailer, sign up for the newsletter they’ll definitely email you a welcome offer or discount within 5 minutes.

Earlier that day, I visited the store and fell in love with a grey 3/4 sleeve Peter Pan collared shirt with pleather detailing, retail price $59. Right away, I could picture it with a copper midi circle skirt I purchased from H&M months earlier and the shoes I scored from the sale section for $20: a tan, white, and black color-blocked sandal. But it was the cream 3/4 sleeve shift dress adorned with the same color stones on the chest (minimal accessories required!) that had me absolutely taken! Retail price: $149. Ouch! So how, do you ask, did I manage to get the Peter Pan collared shirt, the dress, AND a pair of earrings and only use $35 of my own money toward the purchase?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.29.31 PM

I know I couldn’t believe it either! It was only for a day and it just so happened to be the day I had $100 to spend on me and the day after I saw a dress I had to have. Divine, right? Wonderfully, it fit in great with my existing wardrobe.


Shoes, Earrings, Dress from ANN TAYLOR; Black Quilted Clutch from ALDO

DSC_0027 DSC_0029


You remember these guys, yes?

While the dress arrived with one of the stones dangling off the string, it’s an easy fix, so there are no complaints here! The dress was a bit snug in the shoulders, but I’ve got broader shoulders than most, and even in the bust, and I’ve got a big bust, the dress fit lovely. With the color so lush, the silhouette so simple, and the hem at a sophisticated length, this dress would make anyone feel like a million bucks!


The Peter Pan Collared shirt is the perfect fit all over! A little loose but not in an unflattering way; rather, in the most flattering, often unattainable, way possible. It’s the perfect shirt to dress up some jeans and just so happens to pair divinely with a skirt that has been giving me grief since I purchased it… back in April!


Shirt and shoes from ANN TAYLOR; Belt and skirt from H&M; Earrings from ALDO; Bracelets from BLOOMINGDALES

The best parts about this shirt…


The pleather detailing at the hem…


…and the exposed back zip

This outfit is just right for a day at work but you know when someone super important is coming in. It’s a jolt to the blazer, tee, and jeans you’d wear on normal days (I work in publishing, that’s what we wear).

DSC_0014 DSC_0009

All in all, my first purchase from Ann Taylor would encourage me to buy more and more and more. A nice balance of modern and sophisticated, Ann Taylor is the perfect place for the young professional to shop.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an insane offer like the one I got to participate in. I got all these things–the dress, the shirt, and the earrings–originally priced at approximately $240 (tax not included) for less than the $149 dress alone (even after tax and shipping)!

2 thoughts on “First Ever Purchase from Ann Taylor… is a WIN!

  1. hideorgochic says:

    Well congrats – I love Ann Taylor & Loft especially because they both offer petite sizes! http://hideorgochic.wordpress.com

  2. I am in love with that shirt. Especially with the H&M skirt. So perfect 🙂
    Alice x


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