Where will you start?

this September I went to St. Louis for the Joyce Meyer Love Life Women’s Conference. It was my third conference and thus my third time in St. Louis. While some things I’d experienced like the famed Gateway Arch, which stood right outside our window at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the amazing wings at Brewhouse …

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doling out $25 for a gel manicure (that usually chips before the two weeks you’re told it’ll last) isn’t always ideal for the purse. At $7.99 a bottle, it’s no wonder many are curious about Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel Nail Polish.

i’ve caught glimpses of Lifetime’s new makeover show “Girlfriend Intervention” tailing recorded episodes of “Project Runway”. After hearing something about a black woman being inside every white woman and wanting to “bust out”(?!), I was relieved the DVR stopped recording at a 59 seconds.

after wearing my uncooperative hair in protective styles for a year–braids and crochet braids–I was unnerved to find it in the same state. Twist outs weren’t the same: the curls wouldn’t fall the way they used to; my hair was dry and breaking like crazy; and that lovely sheen I would once delight in was …

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