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it’s Monday which means a lot of different things for different people but for most of us it means UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. So I propose this: let’s take the focus off of helping ourselves through the Mondays today.

Last year, it hurt my bones for me to look at an empty inbox both text and email. But as my mother says if want something, give it. So I like to do my best now to check in with old pals and to my surprise my inbox overflows with texts from friends some of which I never have the chance to respond to (sorry!). And so I challenge you: Scour your address book and send an email to a friend, coworker, relative, or professor you haven’t spoken to in some time. Just say hello! Open up a line of communication for a rekindling, reconnection, or new network.

Could turn someone’s Monday around: theirs or yours!


as I write this I’m curled up in my bed watching The Walking Dead, periodically peeking out the window to see how much snow has accumulated. Between Wednesday and today (Saturday… I wrote this Saturday) the weather has worked mightily to piss me off: unscheduled icy windshield 15 minutes before catching a train to work, single digit temps, pipes a-bursting, and now it is snowing yet again. Beside comfy covers, Americone Dream, and Rick Grimes’ bad-assness, the only thing that can bring me any consolation is dreaming up a lovely Spring wardrobe for when I’ve seen the last plow push snow off the streets (out of my life and morning commute) and it’s safe for exposed ankles again.

After fawning over these ModCloth backless booties, I pounced on them when they went on sale. When they arrived (rather quickly so, hats off to you MC), I ugly-cried not only at it’s beauty, perfect fit, and comfortability–but because they’re not exactly for an NYC winter, especially not one so brutal.

Austin Bound Bootie


When the dread of winters like this became a little too real this weekend (and I watched water gushing into my living room and out the front door, and then sat in 3 hours of darkness thereafter) I took my Austin Bound Booties to a warmer and happier place. I fantasized about the perfect garbs to go with my new shoes this Spring with some help from total reliance on ModCloth. This is for denim jacket weather we’ve been pining for during these unforgiving winter days. Here are ten ModCloth items I hope to have in my closet to accompany me for fairer weathered days…




1. Swan and All Pants – $44.99

Swan and All Pants

Upon seeing these pants not only did I recognize it shares the same darling print as a dress I currently own (and love) but it’s perfect for those breezy Spring Fridays for work and days off. This spring, I’m looking forward to wearing these with a t-shirt, a cropped denim jacket, and my new Austin Bound Booties.

2. Poetry Glam Dress – $54.99


Poetry Glam Dress

A maxi dress is an important component of a Spring wish list (this list features 2). Right now this dress with a beautiful floral and geometric printed skirt is out of stock! Make sure to head over and click I NEED! Because I and many other maxi dress starved ModLovers need this dress (when funds are available).

3. Let it Grow, Let it Grow! Top – $39.99


Let It Grow, Let It Grow! Top

I’m excited to get my hands on this graphic tunic because I’ve got a pair of mint polka dot ankle zip skinnies that would complement the tee just right. As mentioned earlier, I like to finish most of my looks with a cropped denim jacket–this makes for a playful and colorful look. Sounds just like Spring.

4. Shine That’s Mine Earrings – $12.99

shinethatsmineShine That’s Mine Earrings

What is there to say? I need earrings, you need earrings. Here is a lovely pair for date night and work day alike.

5. Florist’s Apprentice Tee – $24.99


Florist’s Apprentice Tee

Sometimes all you need is an endearing printed tee to enhance your favorite denim pencil skirt. ModCloth’s Florist’s Apprentice Tee featuring a soft v-neck is the perfect piece for livening up the winter neutrals in your closet!

5. Rule of Thumb Flat – $109.99

Rule of Thumb Flat

Confession: Spring is the time when–if you didn’t already know I love mint and most shades between teal and kelly green–you’ll have no further questions on the matter. These flats are perfect for the strolls I plan to take to work in the Spring. And those jewels will ensure my stride will glisten in the sun.

7. Ease Into The Days Dress – $54.99

 Ease into the Day Dress

Maxi Dress No. 2: Simple silhouette, strategically color blocked. Dresses like this allow for one more snooze: not only is it easy to coordinate with other colorful things in your closet but well… you don’t really need much to make it shine. Maybe two snoozes.

8. Undisputed Class Watch in Rose Gold/Navy – $119.99

 Undisputed Class Watch in Rose Gold/Navy – Grande

It’s real easy to spring (ha!) for floraly and bright patterned accessories for warm weather wear. But I think something like this rose gold watch adds just enough of a classy and classic touch to give your look an air of sophistication. According to the reviews , not only is rose gold/navy combination super elegant but the watch features a large face which will add–on top of all the other wins–a modern touch.

Want it? Hurry! Looks like there’s only one left! 

9. Busy Belle Sweater (Coming Soon!) – $69.99


Busy Belle Sweater

Sometimes you want your clothes to work for you. With this statement sweater you won’t have to verbalize how much you appreciate what the bees do for Spring. You, this sweater, cuffed medium wash skinny jeans, white chucks, a breezy Saturday at Brooklyn Flea (because you need to wear this sweater outside). Nuff said.

10. Oh What A Sight Sunglass – $14.99

 Oh What a Sight Sunglasses

So I already own these but I cannot wait to wear them again! These sunglasses featuring mint frames–what did I tell you about me and mint?–go with everything and I’m not just saying that. A welcome companion to anything on this list or with your beach wear well into the summer.


Since penning this, ModCloth has added more new items you’ll probably want on your Spring Wish List–in fact, they do so everyday!

Shop ModCloth New Arrivals


‘motolani mi!” my mom said in greeting on the phone. “My Motolani,” she translated; Motolani, my name.
“Motolani. Do you know what that means?” she asked. I said I didn’t though I was sure she’d told me once before, I just forgot.

“Write this down.” I grabbed a pen and a post-it note.

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building or rather re-building your wardrobe is not the short distance race I tend to treat it as. After a bout of buyer’s remorse–left still wanting more (to go with this shirt or for a second option with that dress)–I have to give myself the “from now on, one treat a paycheck” lecture or “one splurge a month” –er “every other month” encouragement. Well, it’s my last week before a shopping fast–yes a break from buying clothes until my birthday… in April–and I’ll be spending no more than $40 (ahem, $35 store credit not included) in a final attempt to get my wardrobe NYC ready. What about you? Have some green to spare? Pick one–one–of the the items currently in my closet; they’ll cost you no more than $40.
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you may have noticed, the blog has been pretty quiet these passed two weeks or so. Well, some huge life changes have taken place and 2015 has thus far been a bit disorienting (in a very good way).

My career took a long awaited track change and the destination is now an attainable thing. I started a new job in NYC at a Big 6 Publisher and while exciting, it means that some things will go neglected for a little while. What falls into that category? Welp, clearly Dresscapades has taken a bit of a back seat. I now get up earlier and get home later! Saturdays have been reserved for Top Chef marathons, PJs, tea, and sleep until further notice!

On a serious note, I’ve never been more committed to Dresscapades. If there’s any better time to make something out of this dream it is now when I’m in a place of optimum growth in career and person. So rest assured Dresscapades will continue! This new job is a crucial part of the plan not a change in coarse.

So please oblige me while I take a couple more weeks to orient myself. What do you have to look forward to in February?

I’m thrilled about the future of Dresscapades and have so many ideas that need an outlet! Stay close, you’ll see.


on Wednesday I excitedly awaited the premiere of Sia’s new video “Elastic Heart,” my favorite song on her latest album 1000 Forms of Fear–which is proving to be her darkest album yet. When she publicly thanked Maddie Ziegler, who famously danced to Sia’s first single “Chandelier”, and Shia Labeouf–whom I still have love and respect for–on her facebook I was both ecstatic and curious about the video. Like many people, on the first viewing, I found it kind of strange. It took some context to really appreciate it and then all of sudden, I was blown away the powerful message that could be behind it.

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whenever I get questions and compliments about my hair it, quite honestly, boggles the mind. Not because my hair is in some irreparable state and not because it’s hidden under scarves and protective styles but because… I manage to put forth the least effort possible to achieve natural hair equanimity.

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welp, Christmas is almost upon us which means you’re probably feeling the pressure of shopping for family and friends. So that I don’t lose sight of CHRISTmas in midst of the consumerist culture that has increasingly surrounded the holidays, I like put a lot of thought and love into the few gifts I purchase for my family and friends.

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